The EkoFloat-R advanced flotation clarifier is a cost effective, continuously operating clarifier for liquids solids separation.

The EkoFloat-R Unit is prefabricated into transportable sections and minimizes installation and maintenance costs. All wetted parts are in stainless steel or chemical resistant materials.

EkoFloat-R is available in 19 sizes from 16 to 2700 m³/h. The open tank has an approximate depth of around 400mm. Water is processed from inlet to outlet in two to three minutes.


In conventional, stationary units, there must always be water movement in order for the water to flow from inlet to outlet. With the EkoFloat-R, the inlet and outlet are not stationary but are rotating about the center. The rotation is synchronized so that the water in the tank achieves “ZERO VELOCITY” during flotation. This means that the efficiency of flotation is greatly increased to near the maximum theoretical limits. In practical terms, this allows better clarification in smaller surface areas and in a much shallower tank.