USE: Shafts for water meters allow access to water flow meters and other piping armatures on externally located water metering points. They consist of a buried shaft made of polyester, which protects the water flow meter against freezing and allows readings of water consumption.Inside the shaft, a distribution pipework with multiple water flow meters can be installed.

INSTALLATION: Before the shaft for water meters is placed into an excavated pit onto a pre-compressed layer of sand, the depth of the pit has to be aligned with the height of pipe fittings and the height of the shaft (in case of presence of underground water, the flange on the bottom of the shaft has to be affixed to an underlying concrete slab). After the shaft for water meters is secured, pressure pipes have to be connected to glands which are embedded into the shaft wall. The inserted pipes then have to be sealed with the use of included seals, and the pre-prepared protecting pipes have to be put over pressure pipes. Pressure pipes then have to be connected on to water flow meter armature.

Product Code Diamater [mm] Length [mm]
EkolingWs tip 1 – walkable cover 7100000010 1000 1400
EkolingWs tip 2 – walkable cover 7100000020 1000 1400
EkolingWs tip 1-1 driveable 7100000011 1000 1200
EkolingWs tip 1-2 driveable 7100000021 1000 1200