The EkoFloat-H is a state of the art high rate dissolved air flotation clarifier which, in a break from corporate tradition, is use of “U” shaped lamellas provide maximum flowrate per surface area of footprint. The Unit is prefabricated into transportable sections and minimizes installation and maintenance costs. All wetted parts are in stainless steel or chemical resistant materials.

EkoFloat-H is available in 16 sizes for flows from 12,5 to 1250 m³/h. The EkoFloat-H is a new optimized generation of rectangular DAF clarifier, optimized, designed and manufactured by Ekoling d.o.o..


The innovative “U-Shaped-Separatos” brings a new efficiency and effectiveness to the lamella clarifier. Designed to take full advantages of DAF principles, the “U-Shaped-Separators” allow initial co-current separation to combined with secondary counter-current flotation stage. The result is a high solids and hydraulic capacity with excellent clarification efficiency occupying a minimal footprint.