USE: The drinking water reservoir is a tank for the storage of drinking water.

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT: First chamber: pipe fittings for capture (inflow), outflow and complete emptying. The container is also equipped with an access opening, a cover and an air duct which are all protected against unlawful entry. Second chamber (‘dry cell’): pipe fittings for additional outlet and overflow of excess water.

OPERATION: Water flows from the capture, through a pipe into the drinking water reservoir. The container can be constructed with one or more chambers. The first chamber (‘wet cell’) is intended for the storage of water, and the second chamber (‘dry cell’) serves as a space for the control and maintenance of the container. The discharge of water can be either by means of gravity or via pumps located inside the pre-space. Access to the pre-space is possible either through an access shaft or through a door (side or front mounted entrance).

The drinking water reservoir is a buried vessel with the possibility of access through a vertical shaft or horizontal pipe (which is used if the location of the vessel is on a steep slope). The access shaft under surfaces where there is no vehicular access is equipped with an air duct and a lock. Access into the pipe is secured by means of a steel door.

Volume CodeDiameter [mm] Length [mm]
5000 L 7100050004 1800 3700
8000 L 7100880004 1800 4900
10000 L 7100100004 1800 5600
15000 L 7100150004 2000 6550
20000 L 7100200004 2000 8000
25000 L 7100250004 2400 7400
30000 L 7100300004 2400 8400
40000 L 7100400004 2400 10400
50000 L 7100500004 2400 12670
60000 L 7100600004 3000 10130
70000 L 7100700004 3000 11550
80000 L 7100800004 3000 12970
100000L 7101000004 3000 15920